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an important part of something
a) element
b) routine
c) unison
d) competition

a regular course of action/ something that you do daily
a) routine
b) unison
c) competition
d) identical

doing something at the same time together
a) unison
b) element
c) competition
d) qualifying

What does the word transplant mean in this sentence. The gardener had to transplant his tomato plant from his house to the garden
a) To move from one place to the other
b) To move into the house
c) To keep in the same spot
d) To move side to side

What does the word deactivate mean in this sentence. The man had to deactivate the alarm before he could enter the building.
a) To turn off
b) to turn it on
c) to make sure it is working
d) to hit a button

at the very beginning of the story, it talks about what?
a) Them being a very good jump roping team
b) Them hoping to be on a team
c) hoping to buy the materials to start a team
d) Them being sad after losing

Which sentence shows they are moving back in time?
a) Life wasn't always so sweet for the snazzy steppers
b) Coach Rockett went to the store to buy the supplies
c) Coach Rockett wrote a song to help the girls
d) In the ropes they seemed to defy gravity

Why does the article move from back and forth from present to the past?
a) To show how much they improved
b) To show that they are a bad team
c) To show how they made songs
d) To make it mysterious

Why do they use songs when they jump rope?
a) Rhythms match the movements of jumping rope
b) Rhyming words are cool
c) It makes them forget the steps
d) It helps to work harder

After Coach Rockett looked out the window what happened next?
a) He went and got supplies that he needed
b) he bought a building to practice in
c) he made a note to put on a building
d) He bought a pet puppy whose name was Tiny Tim

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