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In Islamic court, the judge is most likely to consult a mufiti about
a) the Sunnah
b) Shari'ah Law
c) Mosques
d) Muhammad

To which questions would Muslims answer 'Muhammad'?
a) Who is God in human form?
b) Who is the messenger of God?
c) Who was an angel sent by God?
d) Who was God's warrior on Earth?

Why do mosques all over the world have fresh, flowing water?
a) So that people have fresh drinking water as they enter to pray.
b) So people can wash their hair before entering.
c) For people to wash their hands, feet and face to purify themselves.
d) For people to wash their hands, feet and face for personal hygiene.

The fifth Pillar of Islam is called Hajj, or pilgrimage. How is it different from all of the other Pillars?
a) This Pillar requires people to perform this only once in their lives.
b) This Pillar requires people to give money.
c) This Pillar requires you to not eat during certain days of the year.
d) This Pillar requires you to pray five times a day.

What does 'jihad' mean?
a) To fight
b) To strive
c) To cry
d) To push

In some countries Islamic Law is the law of the land. Other Muslim nations have a non-religious-based legal system. What does this show about Islamic culture?
a) It is based on the Qur'an.
b) It has no rules for behavior.
c) It varies from place to place.
d) It expands through conquest.

Which group of people do not have to participate in the siyam (swam)?
a) Men
b) Women
c) Elderly
d) Muslims

People travel from all over the world to visit Mecca. While in Mecca, Muslims perform a number of faith based rituals. What is this called?
a) al-Razi
b) Shahadah
c) Hajj
d) Charity

What holy shrine do people cirlce 7 times, as part of the ritual Hajj?
a) Qu'ran
b) Kaba
c) Mosque
d) Sunnah

What is the defintion of the Hajj?
a) Pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca
b) Giving charity to the less fortunate
c) Praying five times a day, everyday
d) Declaring your faith publically

What is mosque?
a) Holy library
b) Holy place of worship
c) The Islamic holy book
d) Immortal Soul

When people of islamic faith give away some of their money, which Pillar of Islam are they practicing?
a) Zakat
b) Siyam
c) Salat
d) Hajj

During which month of the Islamic calendar do people practice the siyam (swam)
a) Safar
b) Muharram
c) Ramadan
d) Khadijah

Which direction must muslims people pray?
a) Toward Mecca
b) Toward Muhammad
c) Toward Jerusalem
d) Toward the sky

When people declare their faith and commitment to Islam, they are preforming which Pillar of Islam?
a) Salat
b) Shahadah
c) Zakat
d) Khadijah

What is the Salat?
a) Charity to the needy and poor
b) Fasting during the month of Ramadan
c) Daily ritual prayers
d) Journey to Mecca one in their lives

How many times a day must muslims pray?
a) Once
b) Two
c) Ten
d) Five

What is the Qur'an?
a) 1st Pillar of Islam
b) The example Muhammad set for the Islamic community to follow
c) Holy book of the Islamic faith
d) The cube centered in the middle of Mecca.

Why is the Sunnah important to muslims in their everyday lives?
a) The sunnah is the 3rd Pillar of Islam
b) The sunnah is the journey to Mecca.
c) The sunnah is a city in Saudi Arabia.
d) The sunnah is Muhammad's example of how Muslims should live.

What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?
a) The 5 basic rules all Muslims need to follow for their faith.
b) The Pillars are who took care of Muhammad at an early age.
c) The Pillars are rules for how to survive in the harsh Arabian Peninsula.
d) The Pillars are architectural structures of a mosque.

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