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Who is nicknamed the Bore?
a) John\'s Mother
b) John\'s Father
c) Miss Reillen
d) Lorraine\'s Mother

Who died six years ago?
a) Mr. Pignati
b) John Conlan
c) Lorraine\'s Father
d) John\'s Mother

Which of the following is NOT an omen that Lorraine saw at the zoo?
a) a 10 year old boy staring at her
b) a peacock attacking her
c) the mean peanut lady
d) dark clouds and lightning

Who is the Marshmallow Kid?
a) Norton
b) John
c) Lorraine
d) Dennis

Who is Mr. Pignati\'s best friend?
a) Conchetta
b) Bobo
c) John
d) Lorraine

What does John want to do for a living?
a) Construction Worker
b) Actor
c) Nothing
d) Boxer

What does Lorraine want to do for a living?
a) Actress
b) Librarian
c) Writer
d) Business Woman

What word best describes Lorraine\'s mom (Mrs. Jensen)?
a) Selfish
b) Sympathetic
c) Energetic
d) Caring

Why is the librarian nicknamed The Cricket?
a) She is mean
b) She can imitate a cricket
c) Her nylons make noise when she walks
d) She likes the library very quiet

Why are John and Lorraine writing this book?
a) To practice writing
b) To become better friends
c) To tell their experiences with the Pigman
d) To relieve their boredom

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