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(Figure 1) At what point in Earth\'s history did the greates mass extinction event take place?
a) At point 1, the Ordovician-Silurian boundary
b) At point 5, the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary
c) At point 4, the Triassic-Jurasic boundary
d) At point 3, the Perimian-Triasic boundary

(Figure 1) Immediatel following the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction, represented by point 5, approximately how many families of marine organisms remained in the Earth\'s oceans?
a) 200 marine families
b) 700 marine families
c) 500 marine families
d) 300 marine families

(Figure 2) What is the unknown genotype?
a) TT
b) TR
c) tt
d) Tt

(Figure 3) What is the genotype of the offspring represented in the lower right-hand box of the Punnett Square?
a) RR
b) rrr
c) rr
d) Rr

( Figure 3) What is the ratio of Rr (purple flowered plants) to rr (white-flowered plants)?
a) 1:3
b) 4:0
c) 3:1
d) 2:2

(Figure 4) What type of cell is Cell 1?
a) Bacteria
b) Animal
c) Prokarotic
d) Plant

(Figure 4) What is the name and function of the organelle labeled B in Cell 2?
a) vacuole, and it stores water and other materials
b) ribosome, where proteins are put together
c) cell wall, and it gives shape to the cell
d) nucleus, and it contains the DNA

(Figure 5) On which island does the bird with the smallest beak length live?
a) Verde Island
b) Azul Island
c) Rosa Island
d) There is not enough information to determine this answer

(Figure 6) If beak size in this group of birds is linked to the amount of rainfall, what can you infer about the year 1976 on this island?
a) 1976 was drier than 1977
b) 1976 was drier than 1980
c) 1976 was wetter than 1977
d) 1976 was wetter than 1984

(Figure 6) Which of the following best summarizes the graph's data?
a) average beak size stayed the same except during wet years
b) average beak size decreased during dry years and increased during wet years
c) average beak size increased during dry years and decreased during wet years
d) average beak size changed randomly

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