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Review For The Gilded Age Common Assessment.[print questions]

Who was the leader of Tammany Hall (New York Political Machine)?
a) William Tweed
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) Henry Ford
d) John D. Rockefeller

Which of the following was NOT a problem labor unions fought for?
a) lower pay
b) shorter hours
c) no child labor
d) safer working conditions

Which one of these men was not a robber baron with a monopoly and ruthless business tactics?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) JP Morgan
d) John D. Rockefeller

Which group believed in survival of the fittest and people were naturally selected to succeed?
a) social darwinist
b) political bosses
c) nativist
d) political machines

Which island did European immigrants register to live in the U.S?
a) Ellis
b) Galveston
c) Long
d) Angel

In the late 1800's, which was NOT a reason Congress passed restrictions on Chinese immigrants?
a) Chinese immigrants were moving east
b) Chinese immigrants took jobs
c) Nativist and racial hate
d) Chinese workers took lower pay

During the late 19th century, most immigrants to the US found work as-
a) Factory/sweatshop workers
b) Educated professionals
c) skilled workers
d) scientists

Which of the following was not a pull factor for immigrant coming to the US?
a) Oppression
b) Opportunity
c) Cultural ties
d) Freedom

Which is NOT a conclusion that can be made about the transcontinental railroad?
a) Railroad reduced the size of the US
b) Goods were transported across country
c) Travel across the country was possible
d) Populations in the west increased

True or False: Robber Barons lived in filthy, overcrowded apartments with one toilet per floor
a) false
b) true

Which group provided basic services for immigrants and the poor for voted and made illegal fortunes?
a) Political Machines
b) Nativist
c) Labor Unions
d) Robber Barons

Which law gave farmland to citizens in order to move to the Great Plains?
a) Homestead Act
b) Sherman Antitrust Act
c) Great Plains Act
d) Stamp Act

Which group had a racial hatred of immigrants, since they took jobs from Americans for lower wages?
a) Nativists
b) Political bosses
c) Miners
d) Labor Leaders

Which law expanded competition and eliminated trusts and monopolies?
a) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
b) Interstate Commerce Act
c) Homestead Act
d) No Monopoly Act

Which is not a characteristic of a business monopoly?
a) Fair business practices that benefit the consumer
b) control all of a product's production
c) raise prices
d) put all competition out of business

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