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What do scientists do before testing a hypothesis?
a) Make predictions
b) Analyze data
c) Draw conclusions
d) Plan the investigation

The hurricane followed a similar path but did not follow the exact path that was predicted. How does this example demonstrate a limitation of models?
a) Models cannot be used to predict things
b) . Models can be used to predict weather events before the event occurs.
c) Models cannot account for how every factor may suddenly change.
d) Models can only be used to show physical structures, not events such as hurricanes.

A scientist who would use a map showing the location of rock formations
a) chemist
b) biologist
c) geologist
d) physicist

Which statement describes the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable?
a) The dependent variable does not change and the independent variable does change
b) The independent variable does not change and the dependent variable does not change.
c) The dependent variable is the control and the independent variable is the result.
d) The dependent variable changes based on the independent variable.

Which description defines a independent variable in a scientific experiment?
a) any factor that is controlled during an experiment
b) any factor that is measured to gather results
c) any factor that changes during an experiment
d) any factor that is changed so that it can be tested

Which description defines a hypothesis?
a) an account of an observed event
b) a statement that predicts a future event
c) a testable idea that explains an observed event
d) a statement that has been extensively tested and proven to be true

Two scientists have different ideas about a scientific concept. What might they do to resolve their differences?
a) Debate their ideas
b) Remain silent
c) discuss the idea with people they know will agree with it.
d) Each will agree that the other is correct in order to remain friends.

Which of these items should the class use to record their measurements as the class takes them?
a) camera
b) data table
c) graph
d) drawing

Scientists can use many strategies during investigations, including fieldwork, surveys, models, and experiments. Which of these phrases best describes an experiment?
a) mathematical analysis of data
b) observation of animals in their natural world
c) collection of data from an uncontrolled environment for comparative purposes
d) procedure with controlled conditions and test

DNA is found inside the cells of all living things. Which of the following is a reason that a scientist would want to use a model to study DNA?
a) DNA does not really exist
b) DNA is very large
c) DNA is very small
d) DNA is very rare

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