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All of the following were reasons behind the creation of the GA colony EXCEPT
a) Philanthropy
b) Entertainment
c) Defense
d) Economics

Who first proposed a colony in the New World to help England's debtors have a new start in life ?
a) James E. Oglethorpe
b) Sir Robert Montgomery
c) Lord John Percival
d) Queen B. Conner

Which country was NOT a major colonizer of the New World?
a) Spain
b) England
c) France
d) Italy

Why could the Jews stay once they arrived in GA?
a) They had a much needed tailor.
b) They had a great basketball player
c) They came with great clothes.
d) They had a much needed doctor with them.

Who opposed Slavery and were fierce fighters?
a) Salzburgs
b) Moravians
c) Jews
d) Highland Scots

What did the Salzburgs and Highland Scots have in common?
a) Both groups strongly opposed slavery.
b) Both groups came for religious reasons.
c) Both groups settled along the Altamaha River
d) Both groups fiercely defended the colony in times of need.

Which was NOT a major source of discontent with early GA colonists?
a) A ban on slavery
b) A ban on Catholicism
c) Restrictions on rum and alcohol
d) Restrictions on land inheritances

The first fort built by the British in GA was
a) Fort St. Simons
b) Fort Clinch
c) Fort King George
d) Fort St. Simons

GA's first Royal Governor was
a) Henry Ellis
b) James Wright
c) Michael Jordan
d) John Reynolds

According to Charter of 1732, between what two rivers was GA to be built?
a) Oconee and Ocmulgee
b) Savannah and Altamaha
c) Chattahoochee and Atlantic
d) St. Marys and Alapaha

Ebenezer and New Ebenezer were early GA towns established by the
a) English colonists
b) German Salzburgers
c) Scottish Highlanders
d) Polish Jews

The first city established by the Spanish in the New World was
a) St. Marys
b) Roanoke
c) St. Catherines
d) St. Augustine

King George II granted Oglethorpe and the trustees a charter for the 13th colony in
a) 1776
b) 1732
c) 1607
d) 1492

Which definition BEST explains the British policy known as Mercantilism?
a) A trade policy that calls for opening trade routes to the Far East.
b) A military policy for defending colonial outposts.
c) A trade policy whereby a nation imports less than it exports.
d) A military policy that calls for establishing buffer colonies.

Who designed the original plans Oglethorpe used to prepare Savannah's layout?
a) Noble Jones
b) William Bull
c) James Wright
d) Robert Castell

According to the Charter of 1732, all of the following groups were BANNED EXCEPT
a) blacks
b) lawyers
c) Liquor dealers
d) Protestants

Which was NOT a major source of discontent with GA's early colonists?
a) A ban on slavery
b) A ban on Catholicism
c) Restrictions on rum and alcohol
d) Restrictions on land inheritances

What was the name given to Georgians who complained during the Trustee Period?
a) The Whiners
b) The Instigators
c) The Aggrevators
d) The Malcontents

Which is TRUE about land restrictions during the Trustee period?
a) Everyone could sell or buy their land.
b) Land could be passed to female heirs.
c) Land could be used to grow NOTHING.
d) Land could not be traded, sold, or passed down to females.

Why did the Salzburgs have to abandon Ebenezer?
a) It was prospering too much.
b) It was a party city.
c) It was too marshy and not productive.
d) It had monsters living there.

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