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a major altercation
a) change
b) decision
c) benefit
d) disappointment

to receive a reprimand
a) compliment
b) replay
c) report
d) scolding

to make an amends for an insult
a) revenge
b) compensation
c) war
d) responsibility

to promenade after dark
a) stroll
b) sleep
c) run
d) rest

to take drastic measures
a) effective
b) extreme
c) limited
d) standard

a medley of hit songs
a) mixture
b) program
c) book
d) concert

indivisible friends
a) cannot be seen
b) newly made
c) cannot be separated
d) unable to agree

his irretrievable dream
a) cannot be interpreted
b) extremely upsetting
c) never to be forgotten
d) cannot be recovered

a major initiative
a) first step
b) point of view
c) total defeat
d) national crisis

her welcome intervention
a) arrival
b) vacation
c) comment
d) interference

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