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The product of meiosis is
a) 2 diploid cells
b) 4 diploid cells
c) 2 haploid cells
d) 4 haploid cells

What type of cells does meiosis make?
a) skin and bone
b) muscle and heart
c) sperm and egg
d) most types of cells

Where in the body does meiosis occur?
a) almost every cell in the body
b) ovaries and testes
c) only in the cells from the waist down
d) skin cells

What is the formula for fertilization?
a) 2n + 2n = 4n
b) 2n - n = n
c) n + n = 2n
d) 2n * 2n = 4n

What type of cells are produced in mitosis?
a) 2 cells, identical to the original
b) 4 cells, identical to the original
c) 2 cells, with half the chromosomes of the original
d) 4 cells, with half the chromosomes of the original

Why does mitosis occur?
a) to make sperm and egg
b) for growth and development
c) no one really knows
d) to make twins

If a cell undergoing meiosis is AaBB, which might be the genotype of the sperm cell it produces?
a) AaBB
b) aaBB
c) Ab
d) AB

The normal diploid cell of a Schmorgasbord has 70 chromosomes. How many does its egg cell have?
a) 280
b) 140
c) 70
d) 35

Why is crossing-over in meiosis important?
a) it looks cool
b) it reduces genetic variation
c) it increases genetic variation
d) it helps the genes to stick together

Two parents are Gg and Gg. How many possible genotypes are there if they have children?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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