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Find the velocity if the displacement is 20m and the time is 25s
a) 0.8m/s
b) 500m/s
c) 1.25m/s
d) 20m

Find the displacement if your velocity is 45m/s and you traveled at this rate for 3.5s
a) 12.857m rounded to 13m
b) 157.5m rounded to 160m
c) 0.0777m rounded to 0.078m
d) 123m rounded to 120m

Find the time it took to cover 200m at a velocity of 2m/s
a) 0.01s
b) 200s
c) 400s
d) 100s

record your answer of 6.7km/s to m/s
a) 6700m/s
b) 6.7m/s
c) 670m/s
d) 0.0067m/s

Find velocity if you went 5.6m in 2.3s
a) 2.434 rounded to 2.4m/s
b) 12.88 rounded to 13m/s
c) 0.4107 rounded to 0.41m/s
d) 5600m/s

What is the unit for displacement?
a) meter (m)
b) m/s
c) seconds (s)
d) miles

What is the unit for time?
a) meter (m)
b) m/s
c) seconds (s)
d) hours

what is the unit for velocity?
a) m/s
b) s (seconds)
c) m (meter)
d) m/s^2

Find the velocity in m/s if your displacement was 2km in a time of 1200s
a) 1.66 rounded to 2m/s
b) 1.666m/s
c) 0.00166m/s
d) 2400m/s

Find the velocity if your displacement was 130m in 25s
a) 130m/s
b) 0.19m/s
c) 5.2m/s
d) 3250m/s

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