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Los aretes de plata
a) Silver earrings
b) Silver ring
c) Silver shoes
d) Silver bracelets

La pulsera de oro
a) Gold bracelets
b) Gold purse
c) Gold shoe
d) GOld earring

El collar de perlas
a) Pearl necklace
b) Pearl belt
c) Pearl bracelet
d) Pearl earrings

El cinturon de cuero
a) Leather belt
b) Leather jacket
c) Leather purse
d) Leather bracelet

La bufanda de lana
a) Wool scarf
b) Wool sweater
c) Wool coat
d) Wool jacket

Las camisas rojas
a) the red shirts
b) the shirts red
c) The red shirt
d) The raincoat

Los vestidos blancos
a) the white dresses
b) the white dress
c) the white skirts
d) joyful

El collar de diamantes
a) Diamond necklace
b) Diamond earrings
c) Diamond ring
d) Diamond bracelet

El sueter azul
a) the blue sweater
b) the blue shirt
c) the blue skirt
d) leather necklace

los calcetines morados
a) the purple socks
b) the purple sock
c) the purple bathing suit
d) pearl purse

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