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The part of a book that shows topics with the page numbers
a) table of contents
b) index
c) maps and graphs

a picture or map that shows information
a) maps and charts
b) picture captions
c) table of contents
d) Label

information at the end of the book
a) appendix/glossary
b) table of contents
c) maps
d) boldface word

The part of a book that shows the topics and page numbers
a) table of contents
b) glossary
c) index
d) bullets

Words under a photograph
a) caption
b) title
c) subheading
d) timeline

a list maked by dots
a) bold
b) title
c) appendix
d) bullets

Words that are very important in a nonfiction text, usually at the top of the article
a) Title
b) Bold words
c) Sub heading
d) Bullets

The beginning of an Article
a) index
b) subheading
c) Title

a picture in an story
a) image, or photo
b) glossary
c) index

a smaller title in a story under the title, usually bold or colored
a) appendix
b) subheading
c) map and graph
d) table of contents

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