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What is the basic unit of measurement for length in the Metric (SI) System?
a) liter
b) meter
c) inch
d) gram

Which of the following best describes the definitioon of measurement?
a) the process of determining the size, amount, or extent of something
b) the study of the SI (metric) and US Customary systems
c) the process of converting from US Customary to SI (metric) system
d) using a measurement device

The practice of comparing qualities of an object to a standard is
a) (SI) Metric System
b) measurement
c) quality control
d) comparison

Convert the miles traveled across a bridge spanning a distance of 10,560 feet?
a) 2 miles
b) 4 miles
c) 3 miles
d) 1.5 miles

Which of the following tools is needed to measure objects in very precise increments, thosandths (0.001) of an inch?
a) caliper
b) rule
c) protractor
d) micrometer

What measurement tool would be used for laying out perpendicular lines?
a) protractor
b) rule
c) square
d) caliper

When measuring units of volume, scientists utilize:
a) calibrated containers.
b) scales.
c) micrometers.
d) calipers.

When measuring angles from zero degrees to one hundred eighty degrees, the proper tool would be a:
a) caliper
b) combination square
c) protractor
d) micrometer

Horsepower and watts are a measurement of:
a) area
b) cubic liters
c) power
d) speed

Which is the measurement for temperature in the SI (metric) system?
a) kilograms
b) volume
c) Celcius
d) Fahrenheit

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