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Scientific Method And Safety Part 2.[print questions]

What is the name of the one item that can change during an experiment?
a) a constant
b) a variable
c) a changeling
d) your mine

Why is it important to collect data while you conduct your experiment?
a) so you don't forget any details
b) if you make a mistake, you can go back and find it
d) you can say, Yes, I did it!, or Oh no, I need to try again.

How many items can you test at a time when conducting an experiment?
a) 2 (two)
b) 3 (three)
c) 4 (four)
d) 1 (one)

When conducting an experiment, we should _____________ .
a) listen to directions carefully
b) keep all walkways clear of books, binders, water bottles, etc
c) work cooperatively in our groups

When you have a spill during an experiment, the FIRST thing you should do is ____________ .
a) call 911
b) run around screaming until someone helps you
c) tell the teacher
d) get a paper towel and clean it up yourself

When presented with a new substance in science, you should ___________ .
a) taste it
b) none of the above
c) smell it
d) touch it

After creating a/an hypothesis based on your ____________, you ___________.
a) question ... perform an experiment
b) observations ... perform an experiment
c) experiment ... form a conclusion
d) question ... observe your surroundings

When does someone need to follow a method or procedure?
a) baking a cake
b) putting together a mode airplane
c) putting together furniture

Why do scientists test and retest their experiments before sharing their results with the general public?
a) to be sure they get the same result each time that proves their hypothesis.
b) because they are bored
c) because they know they did something wrong the first time and need to fix it
d) because they have nothing better to do

How many times might a scientist test and retest their experiment?
a) 5 times
b) all of the above because it depends on the experiment and what the results are.
c) 100 times
d) 200 times

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