Scientific Method And Safety Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 38796)

Review For The Scientific Method And Safety.[print questions]

Based on the data from your tests/experiments, as well as observations made throughout the experiment, you are able to form a ___________________.
a) conclusion
b) hypothesis
c) question
d) observation

An educated statement based on your observations is called a/an ____________________.
a) experiment
b) hypothesis
c) question
d) conclusion

You must __________________ your surroundings to form a question before conducting an experiment.
a) question
b) experiment
c) observe
d) hypothesize

When you __________________ you use your senses to learn about an object or event.
a) experiment
b) question
c) conclude
d) observe

Use observations to form a/an __________________ to answer.
a) question
b) conclusion
c) experiment
d) hypothesis

Perform a/an __________________ to test your hypothesis.
a) observation
b) experiment
c) conclusion
d) hypothesis

Before coming to a/an ____________________ you must collect data and analyze it.
a) question
b) hypothesis
c) conclusion
d) experiment

The sequence of the steps of the scientific method is _____________________.
a) observe, hypothesis, experiment, conslusion
b) hypothesis, experiment, observe, question, conclusion
c) question, experiment, observe, hypothesis, conclusion
d) observe, question, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion

Before you form a question, you must ______________________ .
a) observe
b) experiment
c) hypothesize
d) conclude

After you observe, you _____________ .
a) perform an experiment
b) form a question
c) create an hypothesis
d) form a conclusion

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