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What was true of the rightly guided caliphs?
a) None of the caliphs were murdered.
b) They based their leadership on the Qur'an and Muhammad's actions.
c) They were accepted by the entire Muslim community.
d) Muhammad himself chose them to lead the Muslim community.

How do the beliefs of Shiite and Sunni Muslims differ?
a) Shiites are followers of Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali.
b) Sunnis seek God through mysticism and elaborate rituals.
c) Shiites believe that a caliph has no prophetic functions.
d) Sunnis are followers of Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali.

Who was Khadija?
a) The first Abbasid Caliph
b) The wife of Muhammad
c) The founder of Islam
d) The term for a modern Sunni woman

How were conquered peoples treated by the Muslim Empire?
a) They were forced to give up their religions and convert to Islam.
b) Their religions were tolerated, but restrictions and taxes were imposed.
c) They were treated as equal citizens with Muslims.
d) They were allowed to become first-class citizens upon converting to Islam.

By the eighth century, many Muslims criticized the Umayyad caliphs because the caliphs
a) moved the empire’s capital to Baghdad.
b) halted their campaigns of military conquest.
c) had developed a luxurious lifestyle.
d) were unduly influenced by the Persians.

What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
a) the various divisions of Islam
b) the major duties required of all Muslims
c) the times during a day when Muslims must pray
d) Muhammad and the four leaders who followed him

What is the Hijrah?
a) The journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina
b) The pilgrimmage to Mecca
c) The written account of Muhammad's life
d) The term for Islamic law

The nature of the society into which the prophet Muhammad was born was
a) an urban-based culture with small manufacturing.
b) a pastoral society with many camels.
c) an agricultural society dominated by warriors
d) a society made up largely of nomads and merchants.

Muhammad experienced profound spiritual revelations that led him to believe that
a) he was chosen by Allah to create a new religion
b) he was the last prophet of Allah
c) Judaism and Christianity were major offenses to Allah
d) Allah was one of many gods.

Term for the clans of Arab nomads that were organized in small groups prior to the 7th century?
a) Sassanid
b) Muslims
c) Bedouins
d) Byzantines

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