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This Is A Review For Our First Common Assessment.[print questions]

An asteroid flies close to the Earth. Gravity
a) repels the asteroid away from the Earth.
b) attracts the asteroid and the Earth to each other.
c) makes the asteroid spin rapidly.
d) causes the asteroid to explode.

A satellite is traveling in an orbit around the Earth. What change would cause it to experience more GF from the Earth?
a) Orbiting closer to the Earth's surface.
b) Removing some of its mass.
c) Making it orbit faster.
d) Making its surface reflect the Sun's rays.

What two qualities of objects does gravity depend on?
a) What each object is made up of and the distance between them
b) What each object is made up of and what material is between them.
c) Each object's mass and its shape.
d) Each object's mass and the distance between them.

As an object falls toward the Earth, its gravitational potential energy will
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same
d) go away.

As a pendulum travels from the highest point of its swing to the lowest point of its swing, its potential energy
a) decreases
b) increases
c) remains the same
d) goes away

Which of the following data would support the claim that the GF between objects depends on mass?
a) An object's weight can change depending where it is on Earth.
b) The further a planet from the Sun, the simpler the GF.
c) GF is stronger on more massive planets.
d) A rocket can escape Earth's gravity by traveling at a high speed.

The GF between two objects will be very small, unless which of the following is true?
a) The objects must be very far apart.
b) One of the objects must have a very large mass.
c) Both objects must have very large masses.
d) Both objects must be in the solid state of matter.

Which of the following is a characteristic of the gravitational force between two objects? The GF between two objects
a) is negligible, unless both objects are very massive.
b) can push or pull, depending on masses of the objects.
c) always pulls objects toward each other.
d) always pushes objects away from each other.

When comparing the gravitational force between two objects, which of the following characteristics should be considered?
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) State of matter
d) Shape

A push or pull best describes the term
a) work
b) potential energy
c) momentum
d) force

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