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Which of the following organism does not have a polyp body shape?
a) anemone
b) brain coral
c) hydra
d) jellyfish

An example of an Scyphozoan is a (an)
a) anemone
b) coral
c) jellyfish
d) Man-of-War

Which characteristic of Cnidarians allowed for movement?
a) 2 body layers
b) coelenteron
c) nerve cells
d) radial symmetry

What do Cnidarians use for defense or capturing prey?
a) amoebocytes
b) choanocytes
c) cnidocytes
d) spongocytes

How much of the earth's surface is coral reefs?
a) 1%
b) 5%
c) 10%
d) 30%

Which coral diseases are caused by cyanobacteria?
a) Black and White Band
b) Red and Black Band
c) Red and White Band
d) Dark Spot and White Pox

Which of the following can cause coral diseases?
a) bacterial infection
b) warmer water temperatures
c) pollution and sedimentation
d) all of these

Which class of Cnidarians do anemones and corals belong to?
a) Anthozoa
b) Hydrozoa
c) Scyphozoa

Which of the following is not found in the same habitat as the other animals?
a) anemone
b) coral
c) hydra
d) jellyfish

Which of the following is not an example of a mutualistic relationship in a coral reef?
a) clownfish and anemone
b) zooxanthellae and polyps
c) snapping shrimp and a goby fish
d) shark and barracuda

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