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The government established after the Declaration of Independence was the
a) Declaration of the Rights of Man
b) Constitution
c) Mayflower Compact
d) Articles of Confederation

What is the duty of the executive branch of the US government?
a) to declare war
b) interpret laws
c) enforce laws
d) to collect money for the government

A system of government in which power is divided between the state and national government is called a __________ system.
a) unitary
b) parliamentary
c) regional
d) federal

Those who favored the ratification of the newly drafted Constitution of the United States were known as
a) Federalists
b) Anti-Federalists
c) Torries
d) Scalawags

Who is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces?
a) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
b) President
c) Vice-President
d) Secretary of Defense

A governmental structure that gives each of the branches some degree of oversight and control of each other is called
a) federalism
b) oversight powers
c) checks and balances
d) incrementalism

The federal government's primary lawmaking authority rests with
a) state legislatures
b) the judiciary
c) the president
d) Congress

This gives Congress the right to make all necessary and proper laws
a) elastic clause
b) juriisdiction
c) enumerated clause
d) judicial review

The original Declaration of Independence was drafted by
a) John Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) James Madison
d) Alexander Hamilton

The significance of Shay's rebellion was that it
a) forced the banks to foreclose on delinquent merchants
b) prevented Massachusetts from joining the Articles of Confederation
c) established the principle of no taxation without representation
d) convinced the founding fathers that the Articles of Confederation were too weak

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