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The Fertile Crescent Review.[print questions]

Who was given the laws by God?
a) Moses
b) Abraham
c) Sargon
d) Hammurabi

The wheel was an important invention because
a) it helped carry heavy loads
b) it helped carry children to school
c) It helped carry light loads
d) it helped carry no loads

Who did the religion of Judaism begin with, also known as the Father of the Hebrews-the followers of Judaism ?
a) Abraham
b) Moses
c) Sargon
d) Hammurabi

What was the complicated form of writing used by the Mesopotamians?
a) Cuneiform
b) Sanskrit
c) Calligraphy
d) Hieroglyphics

When Sargon conquered all the city-states and brought them under his rule, he began the world's first
a) empire
b) government
c) city-state
d) dynasty

Why were levees important to Mesopotamia?
a) To help control the flooding
b) To honor the gods
c) To please the king
d) To study the stars

What role did the Zagros Mountains play in Mesopotamian history?
a) The provided protection
b) The provided caves for the people to live in
c) They used the snow to cool their drinks
d) They kept the rivers from flooding

What was the major effect of the domestication of plants and animals?
a) the people could stay in one place instead of moving
b) the people had time to do things other than hunt or fish
c) the people's diets were healthier
d) there was no major effect from domestication.

What is a ziggurat and why was it built?
a) A step-pyramid, built as a temple to honor the gods.
b) A museum, so architects could display their work.
c) A government building, to mark the center of the city.
d) A flag, so they could easily be found.

How did the use of irrigation affect the people of Mesopotamia?
a) it brought water to crops during the dry season
b) It caused flooding to get worse
c) it helped them with the heat of the summer
d) it flooded areas to be planted

Why did Hammurabi write down his laws?
a) So that the judges could not change punishments.
b) So that there would be the same punishments for the different social classes.
c) he wanted Babylonians to be superior to other city-states.
d) He didn't want people to know something was a law.

Why was writing crucial to ancient civilizations, such as Sumer?
a) Writing led to the increase in trade by keeping business records.
b) Writing led to the increase in the ability to create farm equipment.
c) Writing helped scribes make more money.
d) Writing allowed the printing industry to be used.

What factor may have limited the growth of Sargon's empire?
a) The deserts and mountains didn't provide good farmland.
b) The Akkadian army stopped the empire from growing south.
c) Ninevah, a city-state, did not have enough water to support its population.
d) The Euphrates river often flooded.

The two features that give Mesopotamia its name are the Tigris and Euphrates, why do you think people would want to settle near these rivers?
a) The provided irrigation, transportation and drinking water.
b) They provided cleaning services.
c) They provided Mesopotamia with nothing.
d) They provided technological advancements.

Sargon's empire, in common with other Mesopotamian city-states, often fought over land and water, why?
a) The land was good for farming.
b) They wanted to be near family
c) There was an abudance of clay for making bricks and tablets.
d) Sumerians wanted to study cuneiform.

Given the geography of Mesopotamia, which conclusion can you draw about the lifestyle of the first Mesopotamians?
a) They were farmers.
b) They were hunters
c) The migrated often
d) They were hunter-gatherers

What is the holy book of Judaism?
a) Torah
b) Holy Bible
c) Qu'ran
d) Vedas

What is the origin of Judaism?
a) Canaan
b) Babylon
c) Sumer
d) Akkad

What covenant did God (Yahweh) make with Abraham?
a) His descendants would be given Canaan
b) His descendants would be given Egypt
c) His descendants would be given Mesopotamia
d) His descendants would be given Egypt.

Judaism teaches that there is only one God. What term describes this belief?
a) Montheism
b) Polytheism
c) Atheism
d) Judaism

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