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Chapter 3 Test For Apologia Zoology 1 Exploring Creation Series.[print questions]

Why are filoplume feathers so important on a bird?
a) They relay messages to the bird's brain so the bird will adjust the position of any feathers before flight.
b) They provide color to attract mates.
c) They are used to keep the bird warm.
d) They are really not necessary for bird survival.

How do semiplume feathers help birds?
a) They help keep a bird warm and give it shape.
b) They help them attract mates.
c) They provide a soft surface on which to sit.
d) They are used to feel insects' movement.

What do some birds bathe in other than water?
a) All of the options in this question
b) Sunlight
c) Ants
d) Dirt

What insect do some birds rub on their feathers to eliminate problems with mites and lice?
a) Ants
b) Worms
c) Crickets
d) Mosquito larva

Feathers that produce a display of several colors when light shines off them are called:
a) iridescent.
b) color-coordinated.
c) albinos.
d) colorful.

Why are primary feathers so important in birds?
a) If there aren't enough primary feathers, the bird cannot produce enough thrust to fly.
b) If the primary feathers are damaged, the bird will die immediately.
c) If primary feathers are clipped, birds can fly higher.
d) None of these answer is accurate.

Feathers of birds are colorful because of various pigments. Which of the following are pigments?
a) All of these are pigments in bird feathers.
b) Porphyrins
c) Carotenoids
d) Melanins

When a bird hooks its barbules back together with its beak it is called
a) preening.
b) sunbathing.
c) fluffing.
d) feathering.

What is the purpose of the preen gland in a bird?
a) It produces an oil that waterproofs the bird's feathers.
b) It enables the bird to stretch and reach all the feathers on its body.
c) It is the gland used to direct birds to their wintering habitat.
d) It secretes enzymes necessary for producing an egg.

What do bristles (bristle feathers) on a bird most resemble (whether in appearance or use)?
a) All of these answers would be accurate.
b) Animal hair.
c) Eye lashes on a human.
d) Whiskers on a cat.

A feather that has no shaft and no hooked barbules, so it's very soft, is called a ____ feather.
a) down
b) filoplume
c) contour
d) flight

What are the names of the special feathers on the wings and tail of a bird?
a) Remiges and retrices.
b) Keratins and contours.
c) Down and vanes.
d) Barbs and barbules.

Barbules on a bird's feather act like little _____ to keep the feather's barbs together (and thus, their feathers together).
a) zippers
b) brooms
c) parachutes
d) None of these answers is good.

The contour feathers on a bird are the feathers that give the bird its
a) shape and form.
b) lift and drag.
c) color and length.
d) movement and height.

Of what are birds' feathers made?
a) Keratin
b) Kerosene
c) Quimica
d) Fur

Which of the following are the physical features of a feather?
a) Quill, shaft, barbule, and vane.
b) Keratin, contour, retrices, and coverts.
c) Down, bristles, filoplumes, and semiplumes.
d) Carotenoids, porphyrins, melanins, and anting.

When a bird loses its old feathers and replaces them with new ones, this process is known as:
a) molting.
b) contouring.
c) hatchling.
d) feathering.

What is a baby bird that has just hatched called?
a) A hatchling.
b) A birdlet.
c) An eggscapee.
d) A molting.

The soft part of a feather is called
a) the vane.
b) the retrices.
c) the remiges.
d) the quill.

What part of the feather is attached to the bird's body?
a) The quill.
b) The barbule.
c) The shaft.
d) The vane.

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