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What is my name?
a) Jenny
b) Skyler
c) Helen
d) Anna

What is my favorite fruit?
a) Grape
b) Water melon
c) Longan
d) Mango

What is my favorite pet?
a) Duck
b) Fox
c) Cat
d) Dog

what is my favorite film
a) fast and furious
b) annabelle
c) first they kill my father
d) shape of water

what is the result of one plus one
a) 3
b) 5
c) 2
d) -1

My favorite color
a) purple
b) red
c) black
d) pink

my flower
a) rose
b) sunflower
c) apricot
d) jasmine

music idol
a) Justtine
b) Adele
c) Christina Grimmie
d) Adam

a) water
b) milk
c) yogurts
d) juice

a) centennial
b) humber
c) niagara
d) George brown

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