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3/4 + 3/4 Remember your answer must be in simplest form.
a) 1 1/2
b) 1 2/8
c) 6/8
d) 4/6

When you divide fractions you must multiply by the _______________
a) Correctly
b) Recipicol
c) factors
d) numbers

-38.04 + 22.38
a) 60.42
b) -60.42
c) 15.66
d) -15.66

When you multiply or divide numbers with the same sign, your answer will be ___________
a) negative
b) zero
c) positive
d) it depends on the number

When dividing two number you always divide by ____________
a) Quotient
b) divisior
c) dividend
d) factor

-350 divided by -5 =
a) 70
b) -75
c) -70
d) 50

When multiplying decimals it is important to make sure you answer has ________
a) the correct answer.
b) at least two decimal places.
c) the same amount of decimal places as the original problem.
d) there is really nothing to important to remember.

When adding or subtracting fractions you must have ___________
a) to add the numbers.
b) the same numbers in the numerator.
c) a common denominator.
d) to only add numeratiors

When adding or subtracting decimals you must _______________
a) use a model or drawing.
b) check your answer.
c) make sure to line the numbers up.
d) line up the decimal points.

-4/5 multiplied by -5/8 =
a) -20/40
b) 20/40
c) 1/2
d) -1/2

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