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The name for the home of China's emperors
a) Beijing
b) Hong Kong
c) Forbidden City
d) Imperial Palace

Means Strong Leader it was the title given to the first Mongul leader
a) Ghengis Khan
b) Kublai Kan
c) Zhen Han
d) Han Tzu

Invented by the Chinese and used in fireworks and the fire lance
a) charcoal
b) gunpowder
c) steel
d) sulpher

Using brush and ink to write beautiful characters
a) designing
b) looming
c) mosaic
d) caligraphy

Invented in the Han Dynasty, it made writing and money-making easier
a) silk
b) porcelain
c) paper
d) ink

Religion begun by a famous Chinese wise man with many famous sayings
a) Buddhism
b) Islam
c) Confucianism
d) Taoism

A military leader who runs a government
a) warlord
b) dynasty
c) gobi
d) mongol

A Chinese crop that became a popular drink
a) cocoa
b) lemon
c) coffee
d) tea

The Chinese invented this metal using high temperature in ovens
a) tin
b) steel
c) copper
d) zinc

A desert that covers a large part of China
a) Sahara
b) Mojave
c) Gobi
d) Steppe

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