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Which of the following is an example of an organism taking in ENERGY?
a) A fish eating a bug
b) a horse drinking water
c) a plant sitting in the dark
d) NONE of the above

Which of the following is not a characteristic of ALL organisms, but might be a characteristic of SOME organisms?
a) move
b) have cells
c) respond
d) Grow and develop

A mommy cat and a daddy cat producing a litter of kittens is an example of which type of reproduction?
a) Sexual
b) Asexual

A bacteria cell dividing to produce 2 new bacteria cells is an example of which type of reproduction?
a) Sexual
b) Asexual

Which of the following is a source of energy for most life on earth?
a) The Sun
b) The moon
c) The earth
d) Saturn

If I touch a hot stove, causing me to quickly pull my hand away, then the hot stove would be an example of a
a) Stimulus
b) Response
c) Reproduction
d) Energy

An organism's reaction to a stimulus
a) Response
b) Reproduction
c) DNA
d) Cell

Anything that causes a change in an organism
a) Stimulus
b) Response
c) Homeostasis
d) Cell

The smallest living unit of an organism
a) Cell
b) DNA
c) Homeostasis
d) Atom

An organism's ability to maintain proper conditions is called
a) Homeostasis
b) Stimulus
c) Asexual Reproduction
d) Response

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all living things?
a) Has blood
b) Responds
c) Has Cells
d) Reproduces

Reproduction that only involves one parent and creates genetically identical offspring
a) Asexual Reproduction
b) Sexual Reproduction
c) Individual Reproduction
d) Multi-reproduction

How might a plant respond to stimuli in it's environment?
a) by growing towards the light
b) by wrapping around a post
c) It's roots growing towards water
d) all of the above

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