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___ automate a series of keystrokes or mouse operations.
a) Fields
b) Indices
c) Macros
d) Switches

____ text boxes are useful if you have a lot of text that you need to place in different places in a document, but you want the text to continue from one text box to another.
a) Embedded
b) Pasted
c) Linked
d) Inserted

A ____ is an object that contains text and that you can treat as an inline or a floating object in a document.
a) pull quote
b) sidebar
c) text box
d) callout

A(n) ____ is a macro that runs automatically when Word performs certain basic operations, such as starting Word or opening a document.
a) QuickMacro
b) StartMacro
c) FastMacro
d) AutoMacro

After you create an error-free ____ you can easily insert it into documents, without worrying about creating spelling or typographical errors.
a) key format
b) callout
c) autotask
d) Quick Part

All field codes must include _____.
a) a field name
b) all of the above
c) switches
d) instructions

Building blocks are stored in _____.
a) glossaries
b) rosters
c) galleries
d) indices

For which of the following can you define a document template?
a) fax cover sheets
b) all of the above
c) invoices
d) contracts

On the ____ tab, click the Shapes button in the Illustrations group to open a menu of shapes organized in categories.
a) Add
b) Insert
c) Drawing
d) Shapes

On the Smart Tags tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box, the ____ list allows you to select the smart tags you want labeled.
a) Options
b) Recognizers
c) Tags
d) AutoFormats

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