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Which of the following sounds has the highest pitch AND the loudest volume?
a) fog horn from a lighthouse
b) engine on a dump truck
c) siren on an ambulance
d) buzzing wings of a mosquito

What causes the phases of the moon?
a) the rotation of Earth on its axis
b) the revolution of Earth around the sun
c) the rotation of the moon on its axis
d) the light of the sun reflecting off the moon

At which time would your shadow be longer, 12:00 noon or 4:00p.m. in the afternoon?
a) at 4:00p.m. in the afternoon
b) at 12:00 noon
c) the shadows would be the same length at both times
d) it is impossible to tell

Which of the following BEST describes the meaning of erosion?
a) ocean tides that decrease as the day goes on
b) a severe weather storm that produces large waves in the ocean
c) water or wind wearing away and changing the shape of the land
d) a volcanic eruption covering a town

Which of the following is a property that describes light?
a) brightness
b) weight
c) shape
d) quantity

Which of the following is the BEST conductor of heat?
a) a wooden bowl
b) a fur cap
c) a glass cup
d) a metal spoon

Which plant structure absorbs water from the ground?
a) stem
b) roots
c) leaves
d) petals

Which BEST describes a solid?
a) fixed shape, particles are far apart
b) no fixed shape or volume
c) fixed shape and volume
d) particles that slide past each other easily

What is the location of an object called?
a) speed
b) direction
c) motion
d) position

Which one does NOT produce heat?
a) a frying pan
b) friction
c) the sun
d) fuel

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