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All of the following are reptiles EXCEPT
a) snakes
b) lizards
c) turtles
d) frogs

Which of the following is NOT a consumer?
a) an oak tree
b) a caterpillar
c) a lion
d) a deer

Some of the material produced by weathering and erosion
a) forms igneous rocks
b) forms beaches, flood plains, and other new landforms
c) is blown into outer space
d) none of the above

Invertebrates do NOT have
a) shells
b) skeletons on the outside of their bodies
c) a backbone
d) soft bodies without skeletons

In which type of circuit are there many paths for electrons to flow?
a) series
b) parallel
c) incomplete
d) complete

Sound travels through
a) air
b) water
c) metals
d) all of the above

Which of the following can you change?
a) your instincts
b) your inherited traits
c) your learned behaviors
d) your inherited behaviors

A shark is a vertebrate because it
a) is cold-blooded
b) has a backbone
c) lives in the ocean
d) lays eggs

What do plants give off into the atmosphere?
a) oxygen
b) helium
c) carbon dioxide
d) nitrogen

Which of these is the main cause of air pollution?
a) littering
b) recycling
c) deforestation
d) cars and trucks

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