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Which right did the English Bill of RIghts provide?
a) to determine national holidays
b) to choose punishments for crimes
c) to choose the kind of school children would attend
d) to petition the king

What was an effect of the Magna Carta in England?
a) it established a democratic government
b) it allowed Parliament to impose taxes
c) it established a Bill of RIghts for the citizens
d) it limited the power of the king

Which of these documents is most similar to the Mayflower Compact?
a) the Bible
b) the Gettysburg Address
c) the Constitution
d) the Emancipation Proclamation

Which of these English traditions was adopted in the 13 colonies?
a) self-government
b) monarchy
c) Parliament
d) political parties

How did the establishment of Parliament strengthen the rights of English citizens?
a) Citizens were able to choose the monarch
b) citizens determined whether laws would be passed
c) the king was denied power of citizens
d) laws were made by representatives

What evern helped end conflict between the Jamestown settlers and the American Indians?
a) the marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas
b) the arrival of Captain John Smith
c) The discovery of the lost colony of Roanoke
d) The success of the trade of weapons and food

What was an effect of Christopher Columbus's voyage to the Americas?
a) They grew in number
b) They became propersous
c) The died from diseases
d) They were forced to move

How did the Columbian Exchange affect many American Indian groups?
a) A reduction in the European population
b) A transfer of foods between Europe and the Americas
c) A delay in future Spanish explorations
d) A war between the Spanish and the French

How did the Great Awakening in the 1730s prepare the colonists for the American Revolution?
a) It established an army
b) it created anti-colonial sentiment
c) it required colonists to pay heavy taxes
d) it encourage the ideas of liberty and equality

Why did people in the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies adapt different ways of life?
a) People with specific skills settled in each area
b) The regions had different geographies and resources
c) The people all had different reasons for settling in North America
d) The leaders of the colonies decided how the peole would earn a living

Which of these was a goal of the first European explorers?
a) to find a water route to Asia
b) to establish trading posts
c) to exchange ideas with native peoples
d) to explore North and South America

The Middle Passage refers to
a) The route taken to reach New York
b) A step in climbing the social ladder
c) A system of trade between the colonies
d) The ocean crossing of the slaves

Which generalization best sums up the founding of the English colonies?
a) The English colonies were founded by Puritans, Quakers, and Catholics who wanted religious freedom
b) The English colonies were founded to provide a new start to poor people throughout Europe
c) The English Colonies were founded by people with various goals, from making money to following their faith
d) The English colonies were founded by businesspeople who planned to make money by sellig land to settlers

Which of these was a major motivation for European exploration
a) leisure
b) freedom
c) profit
d) education

Why did Virginia replace indentured servants with African slaves?
a) It was required by law
b) It provided a permanent source of labor
c) Africa was closer than Europe
d) Africans were more willing to work

Why did Samuel Champlain fire his musket at his enemies?
a) In self defense, he thought they were about to fire at him
b) No one was killed or wounded at all
c) The Iroquios were known to be great warriors
d) They were outnumbered

Why was the English Bill of RIghts important to the colonists?
a) it defined crimes and punishments
b) it gave the colonists the ability to choose members of Parliament
c) it ended the king's power to appoint colonial governers
d) it spelled out what was due to the colonists as English citizens

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