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All of the following processes help make soil EXCEPT
a) weathering of rock
b) erosion of rock
c) decomposition of plants and animals
d) movement of materials beneath the Earth's crust

The ability to scratch another mineral is related to
a) breakage
b) cleavage
c) hardness
d) luster

Erosion can be cause by
a) wind
b) waves
c) gravity
d) all of the above

All of the following are invertebrates EXCEPT
a) monkeys
b) insects
c) worms
d) clams

Which of the following is an adaptation you might find in a predator?
a) sharp, pointed teeth for tearing
b) broad, flat teeth for grinding and chewing
c) traveling in large groups for protection
d) a hard, protective shell

Which organism would occupy the highest place in a food web?
a) grass
b) a hawk
c) a snake
d) a field mouse

Which of the following is NOT an example of a change in state?
a) a puddle that dries up
b) dew forming on surfaces on cool mornings
c) a burning log
d) melting ice

Which force between objects that are touching acts to slow down motion?
a) gravity
b) electricity
c) friction
d) non of the above

All sounds are caused by
a) particles that are traveling in waves
b) particles that are traveling in straight lines
c) particles that are vibrating
d) all of the above

Why is it better to wear a white t-shirt than a dark t-shirt in the summer?
a) Light colors reflect more light than dark colors
b) Light colors absorb more light than dark colors
c) Dark colored materials weigh more
d) Light colored materials weigh less

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