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What are the four stages of the butterfly life cycle?
a) pupa, egg, larva, butterfly
b) larva, egg, pupa, butterfly
c) egg, larva, pupa, butterfly
d) egg, butterfly, larva, pupa

What are the four stages of the frog life cycle?
a) frog, froglet, egg, tadpole
b) egg, tadpole, froglet, frog
c) egg, tadpole, frog, froglet
d) tadpole, froglet, egg, frog

What are the stages of the plant life cycle?
a) fruit, seedling, adult plant, seed
b) seed, stem, fruit, seedling
c) seed, fruit, adult plant, stem
d) seed, seedling, adult plant, fruit

What shape best resembles the life cycle?
a) circle
b) square
c) triangle
d) hexagon

Define metamorphosis
a) magic
b) transformation
c) to stop growing
d) to die

What does the word "characteristic" mean?
a) different
b) opposite
c) a typical quality or feature
d) attract

About how long does the larva stage last for caterpillars?
a) About 5 hours
b) About 2-3 weeks
c) About 2-3 days
d) About 4 months

What is an amphibian?
a) an animal that has a live birth
b) an animal that lives only in the water
c) an animal that lives only on the land
d) an animal that can live in the water or on the land

What is a mammal?
a) an animal that hatches out of eggs
b) an animal that has a larva stage
c) an animal that has a live birth
d) an animal that changes into a butterfly

Why do we call the life cycle a cycle?
a) Because it is like a bicycle
b) Because the cycle never really stops and it continues with new life always beginning
c) Because it starts with eggs
d) Because it has larva

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