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Dalton has 102 packages of sports cards at home. Each package has 28 cards. ABOUT how many cards does Dalton have?
a) 3,500 cards
b) 3,250 cards
c) 3,000 cards
d) 2,650 cards

When you estimate the product of two numbers and round both of them down, your answer will be an ______________________.
a) factor
b) overestimate
c) actual answer
d) undersestimate

When you estimate the product of two numbers by rounding them both up, your answer will be an ______________.
a) overestimate
b) underestimate
c) exact answer
d) actual answer

Area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the length by its width. Estimate the area of a rectangle with side lengths 57 inches and 82 inches.
a) 139 square inches
b) 4,000 square inches
c) 4,800 square inches
d) 2,400 square inches

Which of the following is a keyword to help you know to use multiplication in a problem?
a) twice
b) sum
c) difference
d) altogether

Which of the following is not a key word for multiplication?
a) triple
b) double
c) each
d) decrease

Estimate 32 X 69
a) 1,000
b) 210
c) 100
d) 2,100

for the problem 80 X 3= 240, 80 and 3 are called ?????
a) estimates
b) factors
c) product
d) times

good estimate for 39 X 5
a) 2
b) 20
c) 200
d) 2,000

49 X 9 is approximately....
a) 50
b) 5
c) 5,000
d) 500

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