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Which statement supports the theory that chloroplasts evolved from cyanobacteria?
a) Chloroplasts have their own
b) Chloroplasts are created by cells.
c) Chloroplasts lack an outer membrane.
d) Chloroplasts have 1 membrane

Protists that get energy from photosynthesis are
a) algae
b) mushrooms
c) fungi
d) amoebas

Paramecium reproduces sexually by
a) fission
b) budding
c) conjugation
d) ascus

Animal-like protists are also called
a) protozoans
b) algea
c) ducks
d) fungi

Funguslike protists
a) are consumers or decomposers
b) are made of chains of cells called hyphae
c) are always parasites
d) are divided into four major groups

Animal-like protists
a) are also known as protozoa
b) may be either free-living or parasitic
c) include amoebas and Paramecium
d) All of the above

Tiny hairlike structures on the outside of a cell are called
a) cilia
b) paramecia
c) dinoflagellates
d) flagella

What is true about flagella and cilia?
a) Both can be used for movement.
b) Organisms have large numbers of both structures.
c) They are both whip-like structures.
d) Both are used in the feeding process.

Which is not a main group of protists:
a) plant like
b) animal like
c) fungus like
d) bacteria like

Pseudopodia help amoebas:
a) move
b) read DNA
c) communicate
d) make protiens

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