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(picture #9) A scale model of the planet Mercury is shown. Based on the scale, which of the following is the most accurate diameter of Mercury?
a) 1,000 km
b) 500,000 km
c) 50,000 km
d) 5,000 km

Where is water most likely to become contaminated?
a) In a forest
b) at the ocean bottom
c) Near a cattle farm
d) By a dam

A student makes a drawing of a carbon atom. Which of these should the student show in the nucleus of the atom?
a) ions
b) molecules
c) electrons
d) protons

For separate ecosystems to be classifies as the same type of biome, the must -
a) have deciduous forests
b) be at least one hundred square meters in area
c) have similar organisms and climates
d) be located along the equator

Clouds are formed when millions of drops of water become suspended in the air. Which of the following is a step in the process of cloud formation?
a) Expansion of cold air
b) breakdown of atmospheric ozone
c) condensation of water vapor
d) Formation of carbon dioxide

(Picture #10) The equation for photosynthesis is shown. Which of these is required to complete the equation for photosynthesis
a) Carbon
b) Oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) Hydrogen

(Picture #11) To complete a project, 200,000 Joules of work are needed. The time taken to complete the project is 20 seconds. How much power is needed?
a) 0.0001 J/s
b) 10,000 J/s
c) 200,020 J/s
d) 1,000,000 J/s

Otters eat shellfish and crustaceans. If changes in biotic factors of the ecosystem result in reduced numbers of shellfish and crustaceans, the otters will most likely -
a) Experience a population decline
b) adapt to a different ecosystem
c) change the genetic makeup of their bodies
d) increase reproduction rates

Which of the following best describes why the moon orbits Earth
a) The distance the moon and Earth are from the sun
b) The enrgy reflected from the surface of Earth
c) The winds generated on Earth by the energy of the sun
d) The gravitational attraction between the moon and Earth

During a fireworks show a family sees sparkles from a firework and a moment later hears the pop Which of these best explains why they do not seem to occur at the same time
a) Light and sound travel through air
b) sound travels through a vacuum
c) sound travels slower than light
d) light and sound travel at the same speed

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