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(Picture # 8) Robert Hooke looked at a piece of cork under a microscope. the little boxes he saw in thecork are called -
a) Cells
b) Genes
c) Nuclei
d) Chromosomes

there are harvesting regulations for many fish species that limit the number and size of the fish that can be kept. What is the most likely reason for these limits?
a) To have enough fish for zoo aquariums
b) To keep other game fish species populations low
c) To have people spend more money on fishing
d) To keep a healthy population of adult fish

How is the modern model of an atom different from the Bohr atomic model?
a) Themasses of hte atomic particles are different
b) The numbers of electrons are different
c) the shapes of the nuclei are different
d) The arrangements of the electrons are different

It is important to protect air quality because -
a) Storms worsen as air pollution decreases
b) Acid rain is caused by air pollution
c) Wind currents change when the air is poluted
d) energy produced by the sun decreases when air is polluted

As the energy needs increase, new sources of energy are required to replace or supplement the nonrenewable sources of energy now in use. 2 sources of energy that are renewable
a) natural gas and wind power
b) coal and hydropower
c) petroleum and solar power
d) wind power and solar power

Human sweat is the direct result of which life functions
a) Respiration and cellular growth
b) digestion and disease prevention
c) reproduction and cellular transport
d) Waste removal and temperature control

What is one advantage of using a hydroecletric plant?
a) It is expensive to build
b) it provides renewable energy to humna populations
c) it has little effect on water flow
d) it has little effect on wildlife when being constructed

Which of the following are products of combustion?
a) Heat and light
b) newly discovered elements
c) liquid and solid water
d) additional atoms

Which of these substances is an element?
a) steel
b) chlorine
c) plastic
d) sugar

The quality of pond water can be determined by identifying the number and types of organisms found living in the water. Which piece of equipment will help identify these organisms
a) microscope
b) pH paper
c) binoculars
d) pan balance

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