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Atmosphere Vocab.[print questions]

What is humidity?
a) The amount of water vapor in a given volume of air.
b) The pressure caused by the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area.
c) Amount of a gas composed of molecules of O3 in the air.
d) A gas that protects the planet from too much UV radiation.

Water in the gaseous state is referred to as ....
a) Rain
b) Clouds
c) Fog
d) Water Vapor

Layer of the atmosphere containing high levels of a gas composed of molecules of O3 (three oxygen atoms bound together).
a) Ionosphere
b) Magnetosphere
c) Ozone Layer
d) Greenhouse Layer

Which is an instrument used to measure changes in air pressure?
a) Barometer
b) Thermometer
c) Anamometer
d) Pressometer

The condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place.
a) Climate
b) Weather
c) Air Mass
d) Pressure System

Which type of barometer consists of an air-tight metal chamber that is sensitive to changes in air pressure.
a) Digital
b) Analog
c) Mercury
d) Aneroid

The percentage of gaseous water in the air compared to the maximum it can hold.
a) Relative Humidity
b) Barometric Pressure
c) Dew Point
d) Ozone

The force caused by the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area.
a) Dew Point
b) Air Pressure
c) Relative Humidity
d) Gravity

The layers of gases that surround a planet.
a) Climate
b) Air
c) Atmosphere
d) Weather

Which is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Nitrogen
d) Water Vapor

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