Lab Procedures Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 38590)

Review For Lab Procedures Up To Electrolytes.[print questions]

a) prepare tissue for exam
b) prepare cultures
c) check immune response
d) type and cross match blood

a) fight infection
b) transport 02
c) liquid portion of blood
d) helps clotting

a) fights infection
b) helps clotting
c) transports 02
d) liquid portion of blood

too many RBCs
a) erythrocytopenia
b) erythrocytoma
c) anemia
d) polycythemia

a) lack of RBC
b) lack of WBC
c) too many RBC
d) too many RBC

leukocytosis indicates
a) breathing problem
b) clotting disorder
c) recent infection
d) immune disorder

WBC deficiency
a) leukemia
b) leukopenia
c) leukocytosis
d) leukopuko

leukopenia indicates
a) chronic infection
b) recent infection
c) lack of 02
d) dehydration

normal male hematocrit level
a) 38-47%
b) 40-54%
c) 20-38%
d) there is no such thing as a normal male

decreased Hgb indicates
a) dehydration
b) lack of clots
c) hemorrhage
d) high altitude

differential viral infection finding
a) neutrophil
b) monocyte
c) lymphocyte
d) eosinophil

differential inflammation finding
a) neutrophil
b) monocyte
c) lymphocyte
d) basophil

Increased BUN indicates
a) renal disease/infection
b) liver disease/failure
c) overhydration
d) clots everywhere

electrolytes assist
a) immunity
b) clotting
c) cell function
d) oxygenation

a) increases urination/decrease fluid volume
b) decreases urination/decreases fluid volume
c) increases urination/increases fluid volume
d) decreases urination/increases fluid volume

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