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(picture #4) According to this equation, what happened to the carbon and oxygen?
a) they combined chemically to form a new compound
b) They combine physically to form a new element
c) they combine physically to form a new mixture
d) they combine chemically to form carbon and oxygen

Which energy transformation occurs first in a coal-burning power plant?
a) chemical energy to thermal energy
b) mechanical energy to electrical energy
c) thermal energy to electrical energy
d) Thermal energy to mechanical energy

(picture # 5) This is a radiometer. One blade is painted yellow and one is black.If placed in the sun the blades begin to spin. This device is powered by what kind of energy?
a) Wind
b) geothermal
c) electrical
d) Solar

(picture #6) This data table shows the results of an investigation. What information should be used for the column headings marked x?
a) Trial number
b) average of the data in each column
c) Predicted value for the results
d) Number of seeds

Which of the following is an example of potential energy?
a) A glass jar sitting on a shelf
b) A flag waving in the wind
c) A ball rolling along a sidewalk
d) A battery powering a radio

(Picture #7) What is the role of the Orca in this food chain?
a) Producer
b) First-order consumer
c) Second-order consumer
d) Third-order consumer

A car manufacturer reduces the mass of a car by 250 kg. If the new design is otherwise identical to the olod design, how will the new car compare to the old car?
a) it will have a greater gravitational attraction to the road
b) It will require more fuel to operate
c) It will need less force to move
d) It will release more gas emissions

A student predicts that similar ice cubes will melt faster in a microwave than in a pot on the stove. How should this hypothesis be tested?
a) Measure and compare the volume of the pot and the microwave
b) Determine the volume of liquid water made by each ice cube
c) Observe and record the time for each ice cube to completely change to a liquid
d) Identify and record the temperature of each ice cube befoe each trail

Which of these best describe the particle motion taking place as CO2 gas is exposed to freezing temperatures
a) the partices decrease in speed
b) The particles move with more force
c) the motion of particles becomes random
d) The motion of the particles is unchanged

The best scientific reason for a scientist to accept a specific theory is
a) to obtain funding for the research
b) that research and observations support the theory
c) because there can only be one correct theory
d) to gain recognition as a great scientist

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