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Where are coral reefs located?
a) Tropics
b) Subtropics
c) High Latitudes
d) Mid-latitiudes

What is the name of the animal part of a coral?
a) dinoflagellate
b) medusa
c) polyp
d) zooxanthellae

What do hard corals extract from seawater for their skeleton?
a) collagen
b) calcium
c) magnesium
d) sulfate

What is the name of the symbiotic organisms that live inside a coral?
a) cnidocytes
b) gorgonia
c) nematocysts
d) zooxanthellae

What is the proper sequence in reef formation?
a) atoll, barrier, fringing, patch
b) barrier reef, fringing, patch,atoll
c) fringing reef, barrier,patch, atoll
d) patch reef, atoll, barrier, fringing

How do corals reproduce?
a) asexually only
b) sexually only
c) asexually and sexually
d) they don't reproduce

How old are most coral reefs?
a) 1,000-5,000 years
b) 5,000-10,000 years
c) 10,000-15,000 years
d) Over 50 million years

How fast do most corals grow per year?
a) 1 inch
b) 2-4 inches
c) 6-8 inches
d) 8-10 inches

What give corals their color?
a) cnidocytes
b) gastodermis
c) nematocysts
d) zooxanthellae

How do corals get food?
a) Filter-feeding only
b) Zooxanthellae only
c) Filter-feeding and zooxanthellae
d) Order it from Burger King

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