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What is the MAIN function of the flower of a plant?
a) to protect the plant
b) to bring in water
c) to make seeds
d) to make energy

The fennec fox has big ears that lets heat out of its body.It MOST likely lives
a) near the top of mountains
b) near the North Pole
c) in swamps
d) in deserts

When rain forms, water changes states from a
a) gas to a liquid
b) gas to a solid
c) liquid to a gas
d) liquid to a solid

A vibrating rubber band makes a sound. The faster the rubber band vibrates
a) the rubber band will go silent
b) its sound will not change
c) its pitch will increase
d) its pitch will decrease

Which property do scientists NOT consider a property of soil?
a) hardness
b) color
c) ability to hold water
d) ability to support plants

Which human activity would INCREASE the number of places for animals to live?
a) digging up fields
b) biking to school
c) building a parking lot
d) planting trees

If two magnets are stuck together, then which poles are touching?
a) east and west
b) north and north
c) north and south
d) south and south

Which process can quickly change the height of a mountain?
a) rocks weathering
b) volcanoes erupting
c) glaciers moving
d) soil eroding

The Sun and Moon BOTH
a) orbit around the Earth
b) make their own light
c) appear to move across the sky
d) are made only of rocks

When light rays bounce back at the light source, the light has been
a) reflected
b) changed
c) absorbed
d) refracted

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