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Quick Review Of The Colonies.

Maryland was among the first colonies to grant...
a) legal rights to American Indians
b) religious toleration to all Christians
c) the right of all colonists to own slaves
d) full political rights to all free Black people

Which of the following describes a situation in which someone would have taken land for the king and queen of a nation?
a) George Washington crossing the Delaware
b) Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas
c) When Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific
d) When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth

The Middle Passage is the name that has been given to the journey of who to the New World?
a) Settlers
b) Pilgrims
c) Slaves
d) Indentured Servants

The land-bridge theory suggests that the first people came to North America from...
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Atlantis

In the Colonial Era, developments such as the New England town meetings and the creation of the House of Burgesses represented...
a) colonial attempts to build a strong national government
b) efforts by the British to strengthen their control over the colonies
c) steps in the growth of a representative democracy
d) early social reform movements

What was the main reason the Pilgrims and Puritans came to America?
a) To practice their religion freely
b) To make more money and live a better life
c) To build a democratic government
d) To expand the lands controlled by the king of England

The first permanent English settlement in North America was...
a) St. Augustine
b) Santa Fe
c) Jamestown
d) New Amsterdam

Under mercantilism, the colonies were expected to provide England with which of the following?
a) Finished goods
b) Raw Materials
c) Representatives
d) Laborers

What was the Great Awakening of the mid-1700's?
a) A time of toleration of the Catholics
b) Questioning of the church and leaders which led to new denominations
c) A time of absolute rule by the king
d) All of the above

Which group was most strict in their religious beliefs?
a) Puritans
b) Pilgrims
c) Southern Colonists
d) Quakers

Which colony was the most diverse due to its toleration of all religions?
a) Maryland
b) Massachusetts
c) Pennsylvania
d) Georgia

Experiments with democracy were able to grow in the colonies due to the British practice of...
a) Mercantilism
b) Triangular Trade
c) Navigation Acts
d) Salutary Neglect

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