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Which human activity would help the environment the MOST?
a) building a housing development
b) restoring a stream habitat
c) cutting down trees for a paper mill
d) paving a field for a parking lot

Which would make the BEST insulator?
a) iron
b) glass
c) copper
d) aluminum

A flowering plant begins its life cycle as a
a) seed
b) stem
c) root
d) flower

Which group of animals is cold-blooded, has rough,dry skin, and lays eggs?
a) fish
b) mammals
c) birds
d) reptiles

Which direction does the Sun seem to move across the sky?
a) east to west
b) west to east
c) south to north
d) north to south

Which is NOT a feature of the weather?
a) the types of clouds in the sky
b) the speed of the wind
c) the position of the stars
d) the temperature of the air

Which of these landforms is created by flowing water?
a) mountains
b) faults
c) sand dune
d) valleys

Which would NOT help you identify a mineral?
a) hardness
b) size
c) color
d) luster

A force is needed to
a) change an object's motion
b) start motion
c) stop motion
d) all of the above

Ted is pushing a shopping cart. What will happen to the cart if he applies more force?
a) The cart will slow down.
b) The cart will stop
c) The cart will speed up
d) The cart will continue to move at the same speed.

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