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6th Grade Cells.

contains nutrients, enzymes, water or wastes, and transports these throughout the cell, very large in plants
a) vacuole
b) chloroplast
c) lysosomes
d) nucleus

organelle where photosynthesis occurs
a) chloroplast
b) chlorophyll
c) vacuole
d) mitochondria

This is the green stuff inside the chloroplast that helps the plant make food
a) chlorophyll
b) chloroplast
c) vacuole
d) lysosomes

packages and distributes materials such as protiens
a) golgi complex
b) endoplamic reticulum
c) cytoplam
d) cell membrane

rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane, is only found in plant cells
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) chloroplast
d) chlorophyll

assists in the production, processing and transport of proteins, and also makes lipids
a) Endoplasmic Reticulum, ER
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

network of protein filaments that give the cell shape and support
a) cytoskeleton
b) cell wall
c) lipids
d) ribosomes

DNA/genetic material is stored here
a) nucleus
b) cell membrane
c) mitochondria
d) ribosomes

the part of the cell that makes proteins
a) ribosomes
b) mitochondria
c) cell membrane
d) cytoplasm

cellular respiration occurs here, sugar is broken down and released as energy, known as the powerhouse
a) mitochondria
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleus
d) ribosomes

contains digestive enzymes, takes care of the waste in the cell
a) lysosomes
b) ribosomes
c) cytoplasm
d) cell membrane

which lists this in the correct order from simplest to most complex
a) cells, tissues, organs, organ system, organism
b) cells, organs, tissue, organ system, organism
c) organism, organ system, tissue, organs, cells
d) cells, tissues organ system, organs, organism

who was the first person to describe a cell?
a) robert hooke
b) anton virchow
c) matthias
d) Isaac Newton

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