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Jesus means
a) God saves
b) prophet
c) a savior
d) a promise

Why did Zechariah lose his ability to speak?
a) He didn\'t feel like speaking.
b) None of the above
c) He didn\'t believe that Elizabeth could be pregnant.
d) He was mean to Elizabeth.

What was Mary\'s canticle called?
a) Prophetical
b) Magnifcat
c) Hymn
d) Song of Songs

Who impregnanted Mary?
a) God
b) Joseph
c) Jesus
d) Holy Spirit

Joseph was a descendant of who?
a) Saul
b) King David
c) King Augustus
d) King Solomon

Incarnation means
a) Son of God, 2nd person of blessed trinity became man
b) Jesus is born
c) to be recreated
d) none of the above

Jesus was born in this city
a) Nazarath
b) Bethlehem
c) Judea
d) Israel

This prophetess witnesses Jesus's birth
a) Esther
b) Rebecca
c) Judith
d) Anna

This is the king that divided Herod's empire into multiple parts
a) Caesar Augustus
b) King David
c) King Solomon
d) King Saul

John, son of Elizabeth and Zechariah became known as this
a) John the Savior
b) John the Baptist
c) John the Great
d) John the Remarkable

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