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How many witnesses were there to the resurrection of Christ?
a) 11
b) 13
c) 200
d) 500

In the gospel narratives of the crucifixion, the disciples are seen as what kind of guys?
a) bold
b) fearful
c) courageous
d) indifferent

Which theory were the Jewish religious leaders of the 1st century claiming about the resurrection of Jesus?
a) Swoon Theory
b) Wrong Grave Site Theory
c) Stolen Body Theory
d) Hallucination Theory

Which group paid special attention to where the body of Jesus had been laid?
a) the women
b) the disciples
c) the crowds
d) none of the above

When Jesus rose from the dead, it proved that he was who?
a) the Eternal Light
b) God
c) a great high priest
d) a really cool dude

When John says that the Word is “light” it means that Jesus is the agent of what?
a) creation
b) revelation
c) redemption
d) life

What miracle shows that Jesus is God more than any other?
a) turning water into wine
b) walking on water
c) dying on the cross
d) resurrecting from the dead

The Greek word for “Word” is what?
a) logon
b) logous
c) logos
d) ligos

Which phrase did the early church use of Jesus Christ in the New Testament?
a) Son of God
b) Son of Man
c) the Holy One of God
d) Super-Man!

When Paul says that Jesus is the “form of God”, he means that Jesus is what?
a) the same essence of God
b) pretended to be God
c) looked like an angel
d) he became God

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