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Which of the following is the fastest?
a) Adagio
b) Allego
c) Vivace
d) Andante

Which of the following means "Loud?"
a) Mezzo Piano
b) Pianissimo
c) Mezzo
d) Forte

Which term means "Gradually slow down?"
a) accellerando
b) ritardando
c) forte
d) piano

Which term means "Suddenly loud, than soft?"
a) Forte-Piano
b) ritardonado
c) mezzo forte
d) Sforzando

Which term means "Gradually speed up?"
a) accellarando
b) ritardando
c) sforzando
d) vivace

Which of the following is the softest?
a) Fortississimo
b) Fortissimo
c) Forte
d) Mezzo Forte

Which word means "walking tempo?"
a) andante
b) allegrando
c) vivace
d) largo

Which word means "Hold out the note; watch the conductor?"
a) allegrando
b) vivace
c) ceszura
d) fermata

Which of these is the slowest?
a) Vivace
b) Allegretto
c) Adagio
d) Andante

Which term means "Medium Soft?"
a) Mezzo Piano
b) Piano
c) Mezzo Forte
d) Fermata

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