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The Earth rotates on an imaginary line called
a) an orbit
b) an axis
c) a ball
d) a sun

Earth is a satellite of
a) the moon
b) the solar system
c) the sun
d) Jupiter

The phases of the moon are the
a) features of its surface
b) parts that are lighted
c) objects that hit its surface
d) spacecraft that have been left there

The phase of the moon that cannot be seen is
a) the full moon
b) the half moon
c) the new moon
d) the first quarter

A solar eclipse is the result of a body
a) crashing into the sun
b) blocking the sun's light
c) revolving around the sun
d) rotating on its axis

The planets in our solar system, like Earth
a) make their own light
b) reflect Jupiter's light
c) reflect the sun's light
d) reflect the light of their moons

Earth and the other planets close to the sun are made mostly of
a) gas
b) metal
c) rock
d) water

Saturn's moons are
a) a variety of sizes
b) all larger than Earth's moon
c) all very small
d) all shaped like spheres

A constellation is a
a) group of planets
b) solar system
c) group of stars that form a pattern
d) group of comets

Scientists think Saturn's rings were formed from
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) broken apart moons
d) dust from the planet's surface

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