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The part of the Earth that is receiving direct sunlight is in
a) winter
b) summer
c) fall
d) spring

One full orbit of the Earth around the sun is called
a) a rotation
b) an axis
c) an attraction
d) a revolution

The Earth rotates on its axis once each
a) week
b) day
c) month
d) year

Scientists think Saturn's rings were formed from
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) broken apart moons
d) dust from the planet's surface

Sunlight is a form of
a) gravity
b) the sun's energy
c) the Earth's heat
d) the moon's reflection

The moon is a satelllite of
a) the sun
b) the solar system
c) Mercury
d) the Earth

The moon revolves around the Earth about once
a) a month
b) a day
c) a week
d) a year

During the full moon phase, people on Earth see the moon as
a) a half circle
b) a thin sliver
c) a full circle
d) completely dark

A lunar eclipse occurs when
a) the Earth comes between the sun and the moon
b) the moon comes between the sun and the Earth
c) the sun comes between the Earth and the moon
d) a solar eclipse happens

Two spacecraft that have visited Jupiter are
a) Magellan and Galileo
b) Voyager and Galileo
c) Voyager and Pathfinder
d) Galileo and Pathfinder

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