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Building a structure is a/an:
a) Feedback.
b) Process.
c) Output.
d) Input.

Research is done in order to:
a) Develop a strategy.
b) Spend time writing.
c) Spend time reading.
d) Gather information.

Basic research is research done in order to:
a) Record current information.
b) Utilize current available information.
c) Slve a problem logically.
d) Learn more about the surrounding world.

Input includes:
a) Evaluation of results
b) Evaluation of the process.
c) Plan revision.
d) Problem identification.

The exploration of all possible solutions is a/an:
a) Feedback task.
b) Input task.
c) Output task.
d) Process task.

Acting on the best solutions is a/an:
a) Feedback task.
b) Input task.
c) Output task
d) Process task.

Look back and evaluate is a/an:
a) Feedback task
b) Input task.
c) Output task.
d) Process task.

In the universal systems model, output includes the:
a) Design of the product.
b) Development of the product
c) Finished product
d) Sale of the product.

Which represents the sequence of the universal systems model?
a) Feedback, process, input, and output
b) Input, output, feedback, and process
c) Input, process, output, and feedback
d) Process, output, input, and feedback

The term "DEAL" refers to which of the following?
a) Define, explore, act, and lack
b) Define, explore, act, and look back
c) determine, evaluate, answer, and look
d) Determine, explore, act, and look

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