World Geography CH 1 Quiz Question Preview (ID: 38374)

Chapter 1 Quiz.

Which of the following themes of geography deals with the way areas are similar or different?
a) region
b) place
c) movement
d) human-environment interaction

Forests, grasslands, deserts, and tundras are all examples of a
a) soil region
b) steppe
c) region with deciduous trees
d) biome

Which of the following is a way of drawing the earth’s surface that reduces distortion?
a) globe
b) Landsat
c) map projection
d) all of the above

Which of the following is the solid rock portion of the earth’s surface?
a) mantle
b) atmosphere
c) lithosphere
d) hydrosphere

What is the name for the earth’s surface from the edge of a continent to the deep part of the ocean?
a) continental shelf
b) relief
c) water table
d) ground water

All of the following are caused by tectonic plates grinding past each other EXCEPT
a) earthquake
b) tsunami
c) high Richter Scale reading
d) geysers

Which of the following is a term for the processes that break rock into smaller pieces?
a) sediment
b) mechanical weathering
c) chemical weathering
d) glaciation

What is the term for the condition of the atmosphere at a particular location and time?
a) climate
b) drought
c) equinox
d) weather

Which of the following affects the climate?
a) wind currents
b) ocean currents
c) elevation
d) all of the above

. Which of the following climate regions receives little rain throughout the year?
a) semiarid
b) marine west coast
c) Mediterranean
d) humid continental

Semiarid regions receive little rain throughout the year. Summers are hot. Winters are mild to cold, and some semiarid locations can produce snow.
a) True
b) False

Wind currents, ocean currents, and elevation all affect climate.
a) true
b) false

Weather is the term for the condition of the atmosphere at a particular location and time.
a) false
b) true

_____ occur when ground water circulates near a magma chamber. The water heats up and rises to the surface.
a) tornados
b) volcanic eruptions
c) geysers
d) hurricanes

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